When Google introduced Chrome browser in 2008, I had a sense that it would surpass Microsoft IE in browser market share in no time. I even argued regarding this with my roommate. Now, as of writing this (2019, April), it has 62% of worldwide browser market share. And Microsoft itself now building it’s browser Micorsoft Edge based on Chromium. Chromium is the open source project on which the Chrome browser is actually built.

Internet have evolved so much since 2008 and is the destination for great information, entertainment as well as malware, spam, scam, bloatware and a lot of advertising. For me the frustration part of browsing is that those websites are full of advertisements (especially pop up ads) and autoplay media, which consumes the bandwidth without loading the page properly. For those who are using Windows operating system, I can’t imagine what they are going through.

So, people started using ad blockers. Ad blockers definitely work. They might even decrease the page load time. But most of the blogs and website owners are making their living out of these advertisements. I am a publisher myself and I too want websites to be cleaner with advertisement as minimal as possible.

Download Brave Browser

This is where the Brave browser comes in. When I heard about it in 2016 (It is developed by Mozilla co-founder Brenden Eich who also created JavaScript), it wasn’t impressive then and was based on Mozilla firefox. Now the browser is based on Chromium and much evolved over time. By looks and user experience it is much similar to Google’s Chrome browser. We can even install Chrome’s extensions.

So, How does it help normal users?

Inbuilt ad blocker - By default, prevents autoplay media, pop up windows and advertisements. One can turn off this feature for a particular website.

Private window with Tor - Browse anonymously and access any website if is blocked by your corporate/ISP.

Enforcing HTTPS - Switches insecured http websites to secured https.

Security - Prevents websites to track the browsing requests.

Earn BAT - You can opt in for Brave rewards. You can still watch advertisements (upto you) in a separate window and earn BAT tokens. BAT is the block chain based digital currency. And advertisers directly pay you. No middle man. (As of now, advertisements appear only in certain countries.).

Chrome compatible - You won’t feel much difference by looks wise. Chrome extensions are supported.

Sync - Sync your bookmarks (only bookmarks can be synced for now) among different devices.

Support your favorite creators - You can support your favorite websites, blogs, youtube / twitch channels by donating BAT tokens to them.

With the above features enabled, I can see improvement in the web page load time, pop ups are blocked, and any media is not playing automatically.

How does it help publishers?

Earn BAT - Verify your blog or website or any video channel and get BAT tokens from the readers contributions (Yes. Readers do contribute).

What to do after installing Brave?

Open Brave rewards tab and click Yes. I'm in button to enable Brave wallet. Backup the recovery key and store it somewhere safe (I saved it in my google drive). Restore your wallet from the recovery key if something happens to your browser. If you are a publisher, signup for publisher account to earn BAT crypto currency.

How many publishers have signed up for this?

There are aporoximately 30,000 (by 2019, April) publishers / creators signed up for this program. Including search engine Duck Duck Go, websites like, The Washington Post, Vimeo, WikiHow, The Guardian, BitTorrent, Freecodecamp et cetera.

This whole thing about making internet a better place is an interesting idea and I am looking forward to the changes that the Brave browser brings. Meanwhile Download the brave browser and support content creators, including me.